Best time to visit Gangtok

Best time to visit Gangtok

Best time to visit Gangtok

Best time to visit Gangtok

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To engage yourself in the positive vibe of Sikkim all you have to do simply look for We Care Holidays(Sikkim Tour Packages). This phrase has been used time and again to describe the magnetic pull of the mountains and truth be told, has become a cliché.  But nevertheless, it is true in every sense. The ‘must’ in the phrase refers to how necessary it is NOT to miss an opportunity to breathe in the overwhelming experience of the mountains. Now, if you want to experience the mountains in its pristine form without having a crowd around you, there is hardly a place better than Gangtok; especially during winter. In Gangtok, the picturesque postcards of winter giving a glimpse into the beauty of snow clad mountains come to life.


Here are some of the experiences that you can find that the best time to visit Gangtok is during winters:
Winter Festival – The first and foremost reason for the best time to visit Gangtok during winters. Showcasing the beauty of Gangtok in winters, various stalls featuring organic traditional foods and beverages, the most famous being Chhang, of different tribes and communities pop up during this festival. Several other events like Bike stunt shows, street magic and DJ nights on the streets are also on the menu. 


Cultural programmes during Christmas and New Year’s Eve – Head over to MG Marg to be in the midst of all the festivity. There are cultural programs of different communities and tribes along with performances by local bands every evening during the Christmas Week. Winter is the best season to visit Gangtok. A definite must witness is the wonderful performance by freestyle dancers showcasing beautiful choreographies right there on the streets.  


Paragliding – For the adventure junkies, there are paragliding opportunities that should be given a try in Gangtok. Can be a daunting experience but after you glided through the clear blue sky above the snow-clad mountain peaks, cities and villages; you realize how breathtaking the view is.


Sikkimese nights – Replete with pubs, bars, casinos and nightclubs, Gangtok has an inconspicuously exciting nightlife. With all the winter festivals especially Christmas and New Year, the nightlife here warms your spirits despite the cold. There is nothing like a peg of rum beside a fireplace warming yourself after a fruitful day of sightseeing. 


Shopping - Last but not the least, if you are someone who is always on the lookout for bargains and nostalgia invoking souvenirs, then MG Marg is the right place for you. A wide range of goods is available here, most common among them being the Chinese Feng-shui items like the Laughing Buddha, New Year Lamps, Tibetan Dresses, Handwoven Blankets, wooden and bamboo handicrafts among many others. A souvenir that always comes to mind from Sikkim is the Khukri. Similar to a machete, Khukri is the traditional weapons used by the Gurkhas of Nepal. Hailed as a symbol of the brave Gurkhas, it is famously known as the weapon of preference by the Gurkha Regiment of the Indian National Army. So basically winter is the best season to visit Gangtok.


If you want to spend your winter in the most amazing way, then Gangtok is the destination for you. This is the first part of this two-part blog, there are a lot more reasons to spend your winters in Gangtok, so stay tuned.


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