Ralong and Borong: Natural Hot Springs

Ralong and Borong: Natural Hot Springs...

Ralong and Borong: Natural Hot Springs

Ralong and Borong: Natural Hot Springs

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Ralong and Borong are two natural hot springs located in Ravangla (7000 ft), South Sikkim.  South Sikkim is an emerging tourist hotspot, endowed with areas rich in flora and fauna, along with wonderful monasteries, this part of Sikkim is on its way to become a popular tourist destination. Numerous travel enthusiasts were unaware of the tourism potential of South Sikkim. Nevertheless, recent years have shown a growth in the tourist influx. The top two attractions of South Sikkim reside in Ravangla and they are the Ralong and Borong Hot springs. 


Ralong and Borong Hot Springs are situated along the banks of river Rangit.  Ralong Cha-Chu or Borong Cha-Chu as they are locally called, consists of sulfuric water that has the potential to tackle skin problems. Immersing oneself in these hot springs is a wholesome therapeutic sauna experience. The two hot springs are 7 km apart from each other and can be easily reached on foot. What better, than a pool of healing water awaiting you after a long trek?  The hot water spring is definitely worth the trek. Apart from the remedial pools, birds and unique butterflies wander around these areas awaiting you, thus making it an ideal spot for nature lovers and a trekker’s bliss. 


The best time to visit the pool is from March to May when the weather is pleasant and blooming rhododendrons greet you. The hot springs are open from 7 A.M. to 7P.M. regardless of any public holidays.
These two pools are an hour or two trek away from Ralong Monastery depending on the type of trekker you are. It is an arduous journey. Nonetheless, the mountains with its lush green composition, definitely encourages you towards your destination, making you forget the fatigue by the scenic beauty it has to offer in every step you take. It is a 40 minute drive from Ravangla to the base from where the hour long trek begins. If you decide to stay overnight, temporary huts are at your service. However, you need to carry you own bedding and food. Visitors usually decide on staying overnight instead of wearing out their bodies and spending more time in nature. Borang requires a seven km drive back to Ralong Monastery and requires yet another trek of around 45 minutes downhill. 


A trip to these two hot springs is an adventure in itself and is a trekker’s paradise. Apart from these two tourist attractions, Ravangla has many more to offer. While in Ravangla, trekkers can undertake yet another trek to Maenam Peak and visit the Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is a paradise for bird enthusiasts. The Ralong Monastery: a place so peaceful and tranquil in South Sikkim that it cannot be left out of the list. If you happen to be in Ravangla somewhere between September and December, you can witness the three major festivals held in the monastery namely Pang Lhabso, Chaam and Mahakala. Culture curious tourists can also visit nearby villages like Borong Village, Kewzig Village and get a whiff of the culture in these villages. Temi tea garden is another spot near Ravangla worth visiting.


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