Top 6 Adventurous sports in Sikkim

Top 6 Adventurous sports in Sikkim...

Top 6 Adventurous sports in Sikkim

Top 6 Adventurous sports in Sikkim

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Sikkim has emerged as a popular tourist destination in recent years.  Nature enthusiasts come cruising into this northeast Indian state to revel in the bounteous natural beauty. However, Sikkim also offers a wide range of adventure activities that are sure to satiate the adrenaline pumping in you. Here are some of the popular adventurous sports in Sikkim awaiting to thrill you.

  1. Trekking: A mountainous region like Sikkim has numerous trek routes to offer. Treks range from measuring a distance of 50 km to 100 km or more. Challenging the trekkers with its unique rugged terrain for the trekkers to tread the trails also offer breathtaking scenery and at times give comfort by welcoming with Rhododendrons to appease your tiredness. The most popular trek is the Kanchenjunga base camp trek;  a challenging trek starting in Yuksom and mostly ending in Bakkhim, takes the trekker up and down the trail for a span of 11 days.
  2. Mountaineering:  Situated in the Himalayas, Sikkim also provides an opportunity for mountaineers to scale numerous peaks situated within the state. Mt. Lama Wangden, Mt. Tinchenkhang are the popular peaks scaled by mountaineers. Such Alpine expeditions require prior permission from the Home Department, Government of Sikkim.
  3. Cycling:  Cycling is the latest addition in the adventure section of Sikkim tourism. The rugged terrains and winding ways await to challenge your mountain biking skills. The most preferred and popular cycling route is from Gangtok to Rangpo. Other routes include Gangtok to Melli, from Rangpo stretching to Yumthang. The scenery and snow peak mountains along the route will keep fatigued at bay; it also allows you an opportunity to interact with locals and gets close to Sikkimese culture.
  4. Paragliding and Hang Gliding: Paragliding and Hang gliding are yet another popular adventurous sports in Sikkim that attracts scores of tourists. This gives one an opportunity to view the beauty of the capital, the villages and the hills from up above as well as give you a sense what it could be if a human could fly.
  5. River Rafting: River Rafting is also a popular adventure among adventure tourist. The Teesta river provides the perfect current to make rafting adventurous but at the time the water is kind enough to let you soak in the beauty along its banks.
  6. Yak Safari: Yak Safari is popular at tourist spots that are at an altitude like the Dzongri and Tsomgo Lake. The most common trail is from Thangu to Phalung taking you through valleys and presenting before you raw beauty of nature. Snow or colorful rhododendrons await you depending on the season on which you embark upon this safari.

So, while in Sikkim, if you want to find your inner adventurer these are the activities that you can undertake to experience some spine chilling and exciting episodes in your trip. Sikkim can bring you immense satisfaction with its bounteous natural beauty and has also the potential to make it a trip that will stay with you for a lifetime.


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