Best time to visit Gangtok – a heaven on Earth

Best time to visit Gangtok – a heaven ...

Best time to visit Gangtok – a heaven on Earth

Best time to visit Gangtok – a heaven on Earth

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Gangtok is one of the interesting hill stations in India that draws Buddhist explorers as well as travelers and honeymooners from far off places of the world. Other than its rich verdure and uncommon types of widely varied vegetation, Gangtok offers a portion of the world's high elevation serene lakes. On the way to this hill station, one can reach the compelling statures of Nathula Pass, which is named as the Silk Route among India and China.


Weather in Gangtok


Amid its pinnacle season that is from September to June Gangtok attracts numerous visitors. Still if you ask the best time to visit Gangtok, it is between September and October and from Spring to summers it is from March to June. Well, one who is arranging an insane and gutsy excursion to Gangtok amid the monsoon ought to know about avalanches, which are regularly decimating.


From mid-June to mid-September, Gangtok atmosphere is as spiritualist as it is perilous. Frequently, one will end up lost in the midst of the thick haze layering over the drenched district. Amid the storm, the temperature in Gangtok goes between 17 degree and 22 degree, and it offers overwhelming rain. Indeed, even one can anticipate infrequent rain consistently.


The Weather in Gangtok in September and October is genially gentle and satisfying. The temperature amid this time settles at a range from 15 degree to 20 degree and offers breathtaking foliage. The temperature somewhat drops to 12 degree amid the long stretches of November and the temperature in Gangtok in December and January goes between 2 degree and 8 degree, which is frigid. In the spring, from February to March, the Gangtok climate gets a mellow temperature that nestles at 15 degree to a limit of 22 degree. Amid the mid-year that is from April to June the temperature in Gangtok ranges from 20 degree to a limit of 27 degree and is the perfect time when one can discover and find a savoring occasion.


Winter Season in Gangtok


The Winter temperature in the district lies between 4 °C (39 °F) and 7 °C (45 °F). Snowfall is very uncommon in the locale, and freezing is likewise uncommon. In winters, temperature achieves least at 4°C. It is likewise considered as the best time to visit Gangtok.


Summer Season in Gangtok


Gangtok, for the most part, appreciates moderate sort of atmosphere all around the year. For the most part in summers, mercury levels go from an average of 22°C in summer. The district observes its period of summer from the month of March to June.


Monsoon Season in Gangtok


The monsoon season begins from the month of June to September. This season is portrayed by profoundly heavy rains that regularly causes avalanches too. Rain by and large begins to increment from pre-storm in the long stretch of May and reach at its maximum amid the definite monsoon.


Places to visit in Gangtok


It is advisable to book a Gangtok tour package to beat the rush. It is an all-season tourists place. You must check you tour packages contain the below mentioned places to visit in Gangtok tour.


1.       Nathu La Pass



The Nathu La Pass marks the Indo China Border in Sikkim. This place has an altitude of 14,140 ft above the mean sea level. It is a snow fed pass and looks heavenly in all season. You can see the China area and the Bhutan Mountain from this pass. You have to get a permit to visit the place by 24-hours from Gangtok. This mountain pass will look more beautiful during the winter season. You must not stress pass on to the military areas of this place.


2.       Lake Tsomgo



This is a high-altitude mountain lake (12,313 ft) near to Gangtok. The beauty of this lake is it changes its watercolor during all four seasons. Yet the lake water will be in frozen condition from November to February. This is a scenic lake surrounded with pine forest. This is an oval shaped lake and looks beautiful with the shadow of its surrounding mountain on the lake.


3.       Banjhakri Water Falls



This is a cool waterfall, which arises out of a natural spring in Gangtok. It has two drops from a height of 98 ft. It is a beautiful place with lush greenery and recreational places for the kids. The beauty of this falls is it has a vertical fall and the second drop is on a horizontal rock. The water at the second drop once again forms a cascade. It is the best place to take a bath and relish yourself.


4.       Mt. Katao



This is the best place to see the heavenly Himalayas in the Eastern region. The winter month is best to visit this place to see the snow-clad mountain ranges. You can play with snow and take beautiful photos with snow and clouds. You can see many small waterfalls and spring on the way to Mt. Katao. You must not stress pass on to the military areas of this place.


5.       Tashi View Point



This is a surreal place to take photography once in Gangtok tour. You can have the splendid view of the faraway snow-capped mountain peaks. You can see the surrounding valley and the mountain with mist flowing over the mountain. It is the best place to relax with Mother Nature.


6.       Gangtok Ropeway


You must not miss the ropeway once in Gangtok. This ropeway passes from two hills on the adjacent side of the Gangtok City. You can get a complete aerial view of the city. It takes a 20-minutes ride, and you can see the surrounding mountains too. The ropeway trip will look more mystic during the winter due to the flow of mountain mists.


7.       Yumthang Valley



It is the valley of flowers in Gangtok. It has 24 varieties of rhododendron and in multi-colored flowers. The best season to see theses flower blossom is in-between February and June. This is the best place to take postcard photos with flowers as a backdrop.


8.       Seven Sisters Waterfalls


This is a scenic waterfall with many drops. It is a stopover place between Gangtok to Lachung highway. You can see this as the main attraction by traveling through this highway. It is a scenic place to take photos of this waterfall as the backdrop.


9.       Kanchenjunga National Park



This is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sikkim. You can see the Mt. Kanchenjunga from this park. It is the best place to take photos of snow-clad mountain ranges. It is a vast place to trek on the lap of Mother Nature.


10.   Hanuman Tok



This is a hilltop temple with surreal lush greenery surrounding. This temple itself looks holly on this hill. You can view the surrounding mountains from this place. You can see the major Himalayan Mountain peak from this temple. The view of Gangtok city is visible from this hilltop.


11.   Rumtek Monastery


It is a standout amongst the most treasured journey locales of Buddhists. It is found 24 km from Gangtok in the midst of elevated mountains and alleviating waterfalls. The Golden Stupa in the religious community envelops the relics of the sixteenth Karmapa. This cloister hosts different Tibetan celebrations consistently, and the mainstream one is Tse-Chu Chaam yearly move celebration hung on the tenth day in the month of June.


12.    Namgyal Institute of Tibetology:


Otherwise called the Sikkim Research Institute of Tibetology (SRIT), Namgyal Institute of Tibetology is one of the main foundations which has the world's biggest gathered works and uncommon original copies of Mahayana Buddhism.


13.   National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries


Gangtok wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks offers most extravagant organic natural surroundings in India and is home to numerous significant warm-blooded animal species including Asian elephants, Pig-face macaque, red pandas, and hoolock gibbon. They are also home to eight types of wild felines, seven types of primates, wild water bison, and red panda.


Things to do in Gangtok


Gangtok is viewed as a standout amongst the best exercises for a family outing. Sikkim is one of the best spots for enterprise goes in India. The most well-known fascination focuses incorporate Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mighty Kanchenjunga ice sheet, and Great Valleys. A few of the great things to do here include the following:


Explore the Unexplored Caves


Four great holy caves are a part of Gangtok. Like the cascade, the completely flawless province of Gangtok is additionally known for its various luring caverns, some of them being included on the planet caverns list. The trails of these caverns are very tricky and get smaller as you go in.


Lunch at Baker’s Cafe


Your trek to Gangtok is not over yet if you've not had lunch at the well-known Baker’s bistro café. In the midst of the excited MG Marg, there lays this bistro– a standout amongst the best places of visitor interest for Gangtok. If you love food to the core and love experimenting something authentic, you would clearly love to investigate the tasty nutrient-rich local food served at Gangtok.




A Landmark in Gangtok, Lal Bazar is the significant shopping territory in Gangtok. Regardless of whether you are not keen on shopping, you must visit Lal Bazar just to be a part of the hustle-bustle of this amazing and lively spot. There is additionally a Tibetan Market in Lal Bazar where you can purchase shoes, garments and a lot more.


Mountain Biking


Basically, the voyage begins from the Bagdogra air terminal. The best a portion of Mountain Biking is that it is adjustable. The normal places that you can cover are Pelling and Ravangla Region.


Whitewater Rafting


River Rafting is the experience don most delighted in Sikkim. Teesta and Rangit River are the perfect streams for safe River Rafting. The stream is secured by the thick woodland from both sides.


Yak Safari


Yaks are ox-like warm-blooded creatures that make the enterprise sports visit all the more intriguing and exceptional. You can have a remarkable sort of experience while yak safari. You should have a ride on a yak and cover the diverse trekking focuses and Rivers. The most mainstream trials are Dzongri range and Tsomgo Lake.




It is the best visit that can make you investigate the excellence of Sikkim in the most noteworthy way. The Spiritual Beauty of nature, Flora and Fauna, shocking mountains, delightful valleys, clean Lakes, and rich evergreen woodland will make you feel like Heaven on the Earth.


Places near Gangtok worth a visit


Darjeeling is one of the popular hill stations of West Bengal. This modest summer destination is settled demurely in the lap of Eastern Himalayan and gloats murmuring streams, sprouting valleys and the sparkling crest of Kanchenjunga.  Darjeeling is an immaculate door for the individuals who need to appreciate some sort of recreation in the lap of nature. This lovely hill station of Eastern India is spotted with various places of tourist importance.


  1. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway- This town is famous worldwide for Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a World Heritage Site. It is a century old smaller than expected steam motor, which is ordinarily known as 'Toy train.' It is a 2 ft (610 mm) tight gage railroad from Siliguri to Darjeeling. In the year 1999, it has earned the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Till date, a few Indian producers have caught its magnificence in their movies as for example, Parineeta.  


  1. Immense Tea Gardens-Besides the railway, Darjeeling is likewise renowned for its tea gardens. This bumpy area has around 70 tea gardens, among which the most effortlessly open one is Happy Valley Tea Estate. It is only 3km from the town. You can even have the benefit of purchasing tea straight from the tea manufacturing plant.


  1. Buddhist Monasteries- This mesmerizing hill station is home to a few Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries. Some of them are extremely old, like the Yiga Chilling Monastery, Bhutia Busty Monastery, etc.


  1. Historical centers And Parks- Darjeeling is additionally embellished with some wonderful exhibition halls and stops in particular like the Ava Art Gallery, War Memorial, Himalayan Zoological Park, and Snow Leopard Breeding Center, etc.  


  1. Apart from these, Darjeeling likewise has some delightful spots like Tiger Hill, which gives an all-encompassing view of the Kanchenjunga mountain crest. Darjeeling is a heaven for the experience or adventure lovers. It offers a superb degree for trekking, rafting, and mountaineering to the experience buffs.


Food of Gangtok


Very intriguing when contrasted with the other cuisines from India, Gangtok cooking is unmistakable and certainly deserves a lot of respect. Much the same as its geological magnificence, relatively few individuals know about the delicious food of this state. This is essentially why Gangtok food tastes refreshing only when prepared by individuals who remain here. Pork is a staple food in Gangtok, and for the most part, it is cooked with matured soya beans. Other than rice and pork, local people in this area are additionally fond of kwai which is a local type of betel nut.


Other than pork, other significant dishes that you can attempt here include:


Bamboo and herbs: Bamboo shoot is a well-known food in this state. Gangtok rendition of bamboo shoots additionally utilizes a few local herbs, including Jamyrdoh.


Dry fish: In Gangtok, dry and aged fish is utilized broadly to set up a ton of dishes. The residents have customary methods for making the dry fish.


Minil Songa: Another well-known dish among the Garo clan is essentially arrangement produced using sticky rice. Minil is sticky rice which has a rich nutty flavor and sensitive surface.


Festivals of Gangtok


The significant festival out of many festivals celebrated here, and the best one among the Garos is the Wangala Festival, which is the fête held in respect of the Sun God, otherwise called Salijong. The amazing celebration denotes the finish of an extensive stretch of work when great days at long last come. It is said that each cloud has a silver line and, in this way, the ranchers make the most of their splendid brilliant days with dance, music, and amusement.


Another celebration known as the Nongkrem is one of a kind one. It is commended among the Khasis, and it is a common jubilee set apart with artful dance and tunes. Behdienkhlam is a significant religious celebration which incorporates youngsters pounding drums everywhere throughout the town. The finish of the celebration is set apart by battling between uncovered men with swords and is trailed by a joking around.


It is ideal to procure a car or a bike rental administration for a problem free travel in Gangtok. You will find that the rates are very sensible. Besides this, the rental services are promptly accessible, and you can get them anytime. You have such a significant number of advantages of a car and bike rental to browse that you cannot pick a single great one. Hope you enjoy the hassle-free bliss in this beautiful heaven which is a must visit at least once in a lifetime.









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