Best time to visit Sikkim Silk Route | How to reach Zuluk East Sikkim

Best time to visit Sikkim Silk Route | H...

Best time to visit Sikkim Silk Route | How to reach Zuluk East Sikkim

Best time to visit Sikkim Silk Route | How to reach Zuluk East Sikkim

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Zuluk, also known as Dzuluk, was once a transit point to the historic Silk Route, from Tibet to India. Today, it is fast emerging as a popular albeit offbeat tourist destination. Located at a height of 10,100 feet, Zuluk is a quaint little hamlet with a population of about 700. The road to Zuluk is nothing short of an engineering feat – 32 hairpin bends crisscrossing across the valley in three tiers. These bends also make Zuluk a popular adventure destination, as bikers and adventure enthusiasts from all over the world, come here to ride on these bends and add a feather to their hat.


Zuluk holds the boast-worthy position of being a vantage point for offering magical panoramic views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and its allied ranges from Thambi View Point (which is about 14 kms away) at 11,200 feet and it is a must to witness the sunrise here. The glittering rays of the rising sun falling gently on snow-clad mountain peaks, which slowly changes colour as time passes, is truly breathtaking. Zuluk also has a lot to offer for the birds and animals lover as a variety of fauna take refuge in the virgin forests surrounding this quaint little town. Birds like the Blood Pheasant, Himalayan Monal (the National Bird of Nepal), Kalij Pheasant can be sighted here. Also sightings of Wild Deer, Himalayan Bear and Red Panda have been recorded. During the summer months, the Zuluk valley becomes a riot of flowers as the area and its surrounding hills are covered with thousands of blooming Rhododendron.


Other noteworthy places to explore in and around Zuluk, beside Thambi Point, are the Nag Temple, Padamchen, Lungthung, Nathang, Kupup Lake, Baba Mandir, Memenchu Lake among many other spots located on the Silk Route. There are various routes to reach Zuluk, the best one is a bit subjective and depends on the person. Also, people need a permit to enter the Silk Route and can be collected from the DFO, Padamchen. In terms of accommodation, a few decades back, Zuluk used to be explored quite rarely and had just a couple of places to stay the night. But now with the boom in tourism to the area, there are numerous homestays located in and around Zuluk providing clean and basic amenities. Also the food options are generally Indian ranging from rice, vegetables and chicken. Also, you can definitely fill your stomach with the delectable Sikkimese momos.

Again, the best time to visit Zuluk is a subjective topic and varies with every individual. The months of August, September and early October are some of the most popular months as Zuluk is covered by a colourful blanket of Rhododendron flowers. The winters in Zuluk are covered in snow and has a surreal feel about it, with the three tiered switchback roads being blanketed in snow.


So, what are you waiting for? Book those tickets and come to Zuluk, and spend some days in absolute peace and tranquillity with magical views of the third highest peak in the world. Call up WeCare Holidays and book your trip to Sikkim and breathe in the serene mountain air.



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