Dzongu Valley: The Bridge to Heaven

Dzongu Valley: The Bridge to Heaven...

Dzongu Valley: The Bridge to Heaven

Dzongu Valley: The Bridge to Heaven

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To actively participate and enjoy yourself  all you have to do simply look for We Care Holidays(Best Sikkim Tour Packages). 70 km away from Gangtok in North Sikkim is Dzongu, a land reserved for the Lepchas – the original inhabitants of Sikkim. The Lepchas believe that if Life is spent in accomplishing good deeds, then one is rewarded by attaining eternal bless in Mayal Lang, or in more common terms, Heaven. They also claim to be the proud pure line descendants of the original inhabitants of the land of Mayal Lang, and though this may be shrouded in fantasy, the heritage of the tribe is indeed a treasure, as evidenced by the reservation of this beautiful land to only the Lepchas. 

The terrain of Dzongu is amazing, unlike any place that you might have visited. There are icy cold rivulets that must be crossed only to be welcomed by hot water springs and then all of a sudden, there is a luscious green forest teeming with exotic flora and fauna. If one casts his eyes around, you are sure to witness at least about 5 mesmerising waterfalls. And when you are in the middle of taking in all this heavenly beauty, clouds will come in and envelop the entire region occasionally and then all of a sudden, there are sporadic light showers alternating with soft sunlight falling on you. Truly, the gateway to heaven, isn’t it? Dzongu has something for everyone, starting from honeymooners, to nature loving travellers, to spiritual seekers and cultural enthusiasts. 

In terms of accommodation, visitors can stay at any of the villages in Dzongu. The entire area is divided into Upper Dzongu, with villages like Tingvong and Kissong, and Lower Dzongu, with villages like Passingdong and Lingdong. If you are visiting during the months of December to January, then do not miss the Namsoong Festival, which has become quite an attractive festival of the year, attracting hundreds of people – both locals and tourists alike. In this festival, the visitors can experience the rustic charm of savouring the local delicacies while being seated on rugs hand spun using yak wool over a cowdung smeared floor. 

Dzongu has a multitude of offerings for the people visiting it ranging from trekking opportunities from Passingdong through fragrant bamboo groves till the quaint little village of Lingthem. Here, one can enjoy mesmerising views of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Also, the village stands in the middle of a forest and also houses a monastery practising an ancient form of Nyingma Buddhism. If you are looking for cultural immersiveness, then a visit to the Hee Gyathang village is a must. And if you want to get close to the mountains, then Pentong is a must and should definitely be on your list. It is the last inhabited place and is very close to the mountains.
Dzongu is easily approachable from Gangtok using private or shared cars from a place called Mangan near Gangtok. If you are trying to visit from NJP or Siliguri, you will have to take the route through Singtam and Mangan. Either way you take, you have to halt at Mangan because you need to issue a permit for visiting Dzongu which is available only from Mangan. This can be done either by booking through an experienced travel agent or a homestay in Dzongu. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just type Sikkim and book your ticktes and let WeCare Holidays make your trip to Sikkim a trip of a lifetime.



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