The cosmic manifestation of food at a place: The Local Food Darjeeling

The cosmic manifestation of food at a pl...

The cosmic manifestation of food at a place: The Local Food Darjeeling

The cosmic manifestation of food at a place: The Local Food Darjeeling

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India has been a land of hidden qualities, which are absent in the rest of the world. Such qualities have earned the people of India recognition, as such qualities are so meritorious in nature. There is no denying that India is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-religious nation, and similarly, the vibes coming from the land are a mixture of many.

People from different sections of the society have carried through the name of the nation forward, and it is evident that many colonial empires fought to just have India under its control so that they could just enjoy the rich delight of the nation. Coming to the fact that the British Empire ruled over the country, their citizens enjoyed every single latent quality mentioned before, and appraised the nation for possessing such unique incredible characteristics.

Since the times immemorial, India has been selling spices to the world through several trade routes, and the British government just saw the opportunity to know: what is meant by the term spices? Effectively, they imported spices from the Indian mainland and allowed British citizens to fill up their coffers with highly valuable prices.

Moreover, it was the magic of Indian tea that attracted the Britishers, and they ended up having the same imported to their land. Therefore, it has to be concluded that India offers a rich variety of spices, food items, and food products, that are highly indigenous, and are supremely loaded with taste. India, continuing from the times immemorial to the current time of modern world has been the best producer and best exporter of best spices and other food items in the international trade market, dominating the trade with its brilliance.

The Food State of India

If the entire land is known and reputed as a reservoir of tastes, there must be a central place where the best attributes reside. As it seems to be, every state in the Indian mainland has its own famous food items that lure foreigners into the nation; there is no central place where all tastes can be tried with ease. However, it is quite indigenous at the state level as well, where one can copy another’s taste, but cannot produce the charm itself.

But a relief report has been published helping the cause of food rangers. The recent report has suggested that West Bengal is the highest rated state in the country in terms of food that it offers to the locals. Not only to the locals, but the food is catered to everyone coming to their end looking for something that activates their taste buds to a good measure. Hence, one can safely consider the state to be the food state of India and can come visiting the place trying to appreciate the cultural heritage of the place, besides checking out the supremely unostentatious delicacies of the place.

The universal set might contain a favorite place, and the favorite place might produce a magnificent land piece where love can be defined in terms of food. That magnificent place is spotted on the globe as a mountainous city, known by the name of Darjeeling.

The Magnificence of Darjeeling in terms of Food it caters

The Queen of Hills, the city of Darjeeling, presents before the world an internationally recognized and highly demanded hybrid of Black Tea, and thus, in its very first introductory phase is related with the tea production. The hill city of the nation rules over preferences of the tourists and serve to their desires without any second thought. Going by the tourists’ inflow, it is one of the most favored sites for making tourism, and to honor the presence of tourists, passes on a mixture of cuisines to them.

Nevertheless, as noted before, the delight can be copied, but not exactly presented, the food cuisines are diversified, but the local food is what makes it the informal queen of tastes as well. It might lend treats from other states and offer them to the guests it receives.

Being so grateful, the city of hills has got something of its own, apart from the renowned quality of black tea it produces. The temperature being low and chilling the locals, the food options are, majority of the times and more often than not, steamed and stored to a good extent. The steamed food is healthy to eat, rich to taste and attractive to all. And what is hidden inside such small packs of steamed foods is the food heritage of India.

The food options range from what it gets from other states and add something of its very own and unique to loaned items and offer an incredible taste created out of spices and mixtures. These experiments are successful in giving more reasons for the touring parties to choose the spot as their very favorite. The steam cooked options are so close to the land that these cannot be even copied and reproduced by other states, and thus, one has to visit the place in order to check what it tastes like.  

Besides spicy hot food items, several sweet food dishes are also ready to welcome the guest or bid adieu to them. In addition to that, the all favorite black tea reads spells over the one who consumes it and forces his mind to rethink of revisiting the place over time again and again. Apart from the tea, there shall be discovered other drinking options too, which are well liked by those who pour these down their throat.

To honor the guest, there are several hotels, motels, guest houses, resorts, and banquets that prepare their food, and being locals of the city, always hold up the name of the city. Moreover, it is the craftiness of the cook, that he might think of adding another component into the food item he is preparing. Therefore, the variety of food is diversified with respect to local cooks who are intellectual people, trying to give a memorable eating experience to those who visit them.

Food items to check out while visiting Darjeeling

As discussed above, there are a plethora of alternatives to choose from, but the highly delicious and greatly supreme taste can be afforded in only some of the dishes prepared in the city, a short account of which is presented below:

  1. Momos

A vegetarian or non-vegetarian steam cooked pouch of items belonging to the heaven is served hot before those who order it, and when eaten with local chilly chutney can be quite relaxing. The pouch is prepared with whole wheat flour, and inside is stored a combination or mixture of several food items chopped nicely and marinated with spices. There might be other fillings as well, that are known to enrich the taste of that pouch in particular. At times, the pouch is oiled in scented liquid, again unique in taste, so that when steam cooked and served wins the hearts of the people. Since the first impression is the last impression, nicely decorated balls of dough stuffed with fillings of cabbage, cottage cheese, cheese, meat, chicken chunks, eggs or even a mixture of vegetable, marinated and roasted in spices, are placed on the table pretty much decently, along with mint chutney, pickles, red chilly chutney, tamarind chutney or even a paste of every single chutney.

Moreover, it happens to be highly easy and simple food to cook and serve. Majority of people might just want to have a plate of momos, like quick food. Thus, momos are quick bites that can be eaten in several restaurants in the city.

  1. Platter from Nepal

As known by commoners, that the city is a local place to live for people from neighboring cities and even nations, the food items are highly reflective of choices of food from these different lands. One such example is the choice of the platter of food items from the land of mountains, Nepal. As the name of the dish suggests, the taste of Nepal is served in a single platter, with items ranging from hot soups to utterly buttered bread of the local land. A traditional platter always contains some vegetables, few curries, one or two soups, assorted bread, and a sweet item, adding flavors to which are pickles and chutney of diversified kinds, and papad to aid the digestion process of the consumer. Served in the cutlery of locals, bronze one or aluminum one, meat curries with vegetarian dishes, lentils cooked in a soup, soups and other bread are served to the guest.

  1. Bengali Food Items
  1. The city might always contain the food items belonging to the state, and it is evident from the local peddlers selling some aloo kachori and litti at some street corner. These are the flattened circles of whole wheat, fried in oil, actually deep fried to make these crispy, with some stuffing done inside. These are served with potato curry, which is absolutely insane in terms of spice usage it offers.
  2. There are some stalls that offer Kathi rolls, which are whole wheat bread cooked on a flat metal and rolling inside them a wide range of stuffing. The fillings range from meat chunks, cottage cheese, vegetables, noodles, kebabs, and even eggs, covered up with cheese and other mouth-watering chutneys that are the reasons behind the success of these.
  3. Bhelpuri or chana moori stalls are always ready to show their skills of hands by mixing up all sorts of namkeens, spices, masalas, and puffed rice again with chutneys and lemon juice. This is ready to eat cheap food item, which is truly spicy.


  1. Aloo Dum

Potato is the king of all the vegetables and dum is what means strength in Indian language. Therefore, the dish of Aloo Dum is what gives strength to the potato to rock the show and come up as the true commander of all the dishes. Aloo dum is a potato curry, or sometimes a curry less dish prepared in a pot or semi-hemispherical cooking equipment. Big pieces of potato are put along with gravy, sauté in essentially good spices like cloves, cardamom, red chili, white chili, coriander powder, and black pepper. Adding more of the flavor are the tomatoes and onions bulbs that keep the dish alive, more than ever. Thus, aloo dum is what makes the cravings for food so real, that it cannot be resisted by people.

  1. Hills Pickles

Pickles are the brothers of chutneys and are highly spicy to eat. Whenever added to the dish of food, tastes get developed and diversified. Pickles are pieces of mango, lemon, carrot, radish and chilly that are immersed in oils of mustard or olives. The oil is not only the common oil but in addition to the oil, there are spices which are highly active, making the pickles so attractive and tasteful whenever eaten. The cooking procedure for these food items does not comprise of any regular steams, or frying habits, but what prepares a classy pickle is sunlight. These pickles are covered and placed in open sunlight to get prepared on themselves, and this forces the tastes to go natural.

  1. Thukpa and Sattu

Noodles are the heritage of northeastern states, and therefore, Darjeeling offers noodles soup along with meat and chicken chunks, or egg crumbs, cooked in supremely spicy flavored water. Oils and scented liquids are added to enrich whatever thupka has to offer. Sattu also belongs to the class where some natural leaves are cooked in water and are served to the guests to have a hot soup to drink in the times when the weather is too cold and chilled.

  1. World Class Black Tea

The hybrid produced during the colonial rule still rules the world in its name. The tea market might comprise of international flavors produced by different countries and regions of the world, but the perfect conditions for the black tea are found in this city which makes it superior to any other in terms of what it has to offer. Therefore, this black tea dominates the rest of the world, giving a taste of itself to those who do crave for it. The exports made to other countries is so high in figures, and it is done only after the domestic needs are satisfied and served. Therefore, the production of black tea takes place on a very large scale, making it charming.

The conclusion of what food items mean in Darjeeling

This is not all that Darjeeling has to offer to its tourists upon their arrival in the city. There are several countless food items that allow tourists to fare better. Tourists hang on their boots, thinking of this place to be the one where their all dreams come true. The magnificence of hills and their beauty makes them feel chilly with the cold vibes generating from their foothills, and the mornings in the city, which is known as the queen of hills are so charming. At this point, if someone has got home cooked food with natural materials, making it healthier at the very first instance, the tourist can think of replacing and substituting the value of money with the comforts the city has to offer on its own.


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